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We are now using Ulthera for to treat the entire neck - recent FDA approval!

There are now 600 machines throughout the US.  We were one of the first 25 to get the Ulthera.  Our experience is huge and have several hundred happy clients. 


Frequently asked questions:


How long does and Ulthera treatment take?

There are 3 areas treated with Ulthera:  The upper face, mid face, and the upper neck.  Each area takes up to about 15 minutes.  NOW WE CAN TREAT THE ENTIRE NECK


How many treatments are needed?

In general, 1-2 treatments are needed.  The worse the laxity of the area needing correction, the more likely that 2 treatments will be needed.  If your above 60 or your skin has a lot of sun or smoker's damage, the more likely that 2 treatments are needed.  There is no limitation on the number of treatments you can have. 


How long can I expect the results to last?

Given the fact that Ulthera is a rather new technology, we don't have a lot of long term data.  We generally say that about 2-3 years can be expected.  Duration is related to what condition your skin is in, whether you smoke, and how well you try to maintain your results with sunscreen and topicals.


How is Ulthera priced?

We price Ulthera according to how many areas you treat.  The 3 areas are:  The upper face, mid face, and the lower face with upper neck.  The more areas treated, the more discount for the subsequent areas.  After your initial treatment, you can get retreated in some or all the areas again.  Retreatments are generally discounted as well.


How does Ulthera work?

Ulthera uses high frequency ultrasound to lay a precise Thermal Coagulation Point in the deep skin tissues.  This eventually leads to contraction and collagen stimulation. 


How does Ulthera compare to Thermage or other RF tightening devices?

RF (Radio Frequency) heats up the deeper skin by transmitted heat thru the skin and collagen fibers.  It relies on uncontrollable factors within the skin for conducting this heat.  Resistance is variable, therefore the treatment is imprecise.  In general, Ulthera will go approximately 50% deeper than Thermage and it will do it extremely precisely.  Therefore, the results from Ulthera are much more consistent than Thermage or other RF devices like Accent, Refirme, eMatrix, and IR devices like the Titan or Lux deep IR.


Does Ulthera hurt?

We have found that the majority of our clients do fairly well with just cold air from our Zimmer and distraction using vibration.  This is particularly true for clients doing only parts of the face and not the entire face.  We can prescribe a pain medication and an anti anxiety medication if desired, but you will need to get a ride to take you home.  We have now started using numbing topical creams which seem to help with the discomfort. 


Are there any potential side effects?

There have been no reported long term side effects from Ulthera and there have been tens of thousands of treatments.  Short term side effects which can occur are bruising, swelling, numbness and mild pain. 


Is there any downtime with Ulthera?

There is no downtime with Ulthera.  There is no need to stop your daily routine.  There are no restrictions on sun exposure or activities.


Can Ulthera be used on all skin types?



Who is not a candidate for Ulthera?

There our no people for which Ulthera is contraindicated but clients which have extreme laxity have to have realistic expectations and consider surgical options.  We can treat people on blood thinners like Plavix, aspirin, or heparin.  Bruising is just a little more common.



Dr. Weiner Article on Ulthera

To tighten one’s skin without scars, downtime, or significant risks seems intriguing to most people.  Up to this point, most Plastic Surgeons have been critical of devices which have touted these claims…until now.  Ulthera (short for Ultrasound Therapy) is using Micro Focused High Frequency Ultrasound to create precise one cubic millimeter lesions (Thermal Coagulation Points – TCP) in the lower skin and deeper tissues.  These controlled lesions create an inflammatory response and eventually tissue contraction, leading to skin tightening.  Full result will take about 90 days to appreciate, but immediate results can be seen before one leaves the office.

What has the Plastic Surgeons interested is that the area of tightening is performed at the level of the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which is the tissue that is tightened during a facelift.  Using direct visualization of this layer using the device’s Ultrasound imaging mode, Ulthera can lay down small holes in the SMAS which will then contract as the tissue heals.  So theoretically, a non invasive facelift is performed. 

The procedure time is about 1 hour to do the entire face and upper neck.  Treatments can be tailored, according the patient’s desires and needs to just include the upper face around the eyes, the midface/cheek area, or the upper neck.  Typically, some oral pain medication is given during the procedure, but none is required afterwards.  Usually, there are subtle immediate changes seen.

The Ulthera technology has been cleared by the FDA  for about a year.  Results have become more dramatic as the treatment protocols have become more aggressive (more TPCs) and two depths of treatment were adopted.  Also some patients were given 2 treatments to achieve their desired effect.   The areas which have seen the most promise are:  Brow Elevation, Jaw Line, Upper Neck, Crows Feet, and Upper Cheek.  There is current research for the use of Ulthera off the face.  The device is safe without any noted long term side effects.  Because the process takes place under the skin, besides some skin redness, there is no notable downtime.

Ulthera should not be considered a replacement for a laser treatment.  The skin texture, pigmentation, pore size and fine lines are not effectively treated by Ulthera and are best treated with the laser (i.e. Fraxel Dual).  The laser goes about 1.5mm deep and the Ulthera penetrates to 4.5 mm.  To give your face and skin the optimal results, both treatments are recommended; The Ulthera for deeper corrections and lifting, and the laser for more superficial corrections of skin imperfections and mild tightening.

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