The Gold Standard for:
Telangiectasias (enlarged facial and nasal vessels)
Vascular Lakes
Port Wine Stains
Hemangiomas (spider and cherry angiomas)
Poikiloderma (neck pigmentation and redness)
Treating early scars which are pink/red, particularly acne scars
Can also be used for:
 Reducing redness and improving the appearance of surgical scars.  You should treat your surgical scar as early as when the sutures or staples are removed.  This prevents fibrosis, keloid formation, and decreases the redness.
Treating bruises - usually resolves bruises in 24-48 hours.  This service is complimentary for our clients with bruising after their procedure.  This can only be done on bruises which are less than 48 hours old.
Can also be used to treat active acne 
Get a great photofacial for skin rejuvenation and mild pigment with the VBeam.  This is typically done in a series of 4.  Virtually no downtime.
With its patented DCD cooling, VBeam treatments are virtually painless.
There are hundreds of published papers on clinical data, outcomes, and research regarding the VBeam which was originally FDA approved more than 30 years ago. The Aesthetic Clinique has the top of the line VBeam Perfecta, which has the anti-purpura (less bruising) settings. Each pulse is actually divided into 8 separate pulses which improves safety and bruising risk. 

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