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Steve Weiner, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Aesthetic Clinique

Coolsculpting, Ulthera, BOTOX, Dysport, Fraxel Dual, Lightsheer Duet, VBeam, Laser Hair Removal, Juvederm, Restylane, Chemical Peels, Waxing, Acne Scarring, Sculptra, SkinMedica, TA65, Heliocare, Infini, Artefill

"Please tell Dr. Weiner I am absolutely amazed by how good my face feels and looks. I don't have any bruising or soreness. I am in a state of shock by how this was such an easy procedure, the easiest I have ever had Botox and Filler done in my life and it feels wonderful. Tell him thank you, thank you, thank you, and he did a great job. I am so happy."

D.R., left on our Voice Mail. New Client who previously worked in a Plastic Surgeons office. She had blunt cannulas used.

Dr. Weiner, Sandy, Janice and Stefanie,

I am so happy with the results of my body-jet liposuction! You did an amazing job, from consultation to completion of the procedure! I have had liposuction before, but the body-jet was virtually pain free, there was no bruising, and no down time! I went shopping after my procedure!

I live in Atlanta, but I will definitely come back to Santa Rosa Beach for anything I need in the future! You are the best!

Thank you so much!

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Dear Dr. Weiner and Sandy,
Just when I think you could not improve on your technique and on my do!! Each time I leave your office I am happier than the last visit! I love the radiesse took hold and has lasted with wonderful results, I am sooo happy. I feel like I look refreshed and younger! You did a fantastic job! And the Botox, love it around the mouth and under the eyes. My mouth "smiles" naturally, no tipped down corners. Thank you so much for all you and Sandy do for me, it is truly the best ever! Hugs to all of you and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Many thanks, with love,

Jennifer, Nashville, TN

"You guys rock! You've changed my life (in tears)"

Very happy BOTOX and Radiesse client

"I'm seeing my acne scars improve every week. I'm very happy with the results"

Fraxel re:pair client with history of acne scars

Thank you very much for my Evolence treatment on Monday. As suggested, I took the four Arnica pills and it is the first time ever since I have had any dermal fillers that I have not had any bruising at all. I am very happy about this. I would definitely like another treatment with Evolence for the nasolabial folds and the corners of my mouth.

Happy Evolence client (experienced dermal filler user by other physicians)

Not sure if this is the look I can expect with good skin care but if it is wow what a difference. No wrinkles, no sun/age spots. I went to watch my tennis team's match this morning (stayed under shade of coarse), and I may be your best spokesperson yet..........The comments I got were unbelieveable. I was told it has taken 10-15 yrs off. Thanks again to both of you along with your staff. I am very impressed with the whole spectrum of your business.

4 months later:
"I am doing great and absolutely love my results. I am 4 months out and have had many compliments on my skin. The great thing is those who don't know I had fraxel done can't put their hands on it but think that I look different in a good way...I can't believe the difference and want to again thank you (Dr. Weiner) and Sandy for all you've done." "

Satisfied Fraxel re:pair client

"I love my nose, thank you Steve, it looks great. I keep looking in the mirror. You just do the best job!"

A client who had the "5 minute nose job" with Restylane.

"The traffic was fairly bad and it took about 1 1/2 hours to get here, but I'd travel 5 hours to see Dr. Weiner."

Happy BOTOX client.

"I tell EVERYONE how wonderful you are!"

Happy Dysport client

"I've used BOTOX for years. I've been to a lot of the docs in town. This, by far, has been my best experience. I'll be back. You have a lovely place."

New BOTOX client

“I have my dimples back! For the past 15 years I put myself on the back burner, and this is my way of trying to make up for that. I also wanted to avoid the need for face-lift surgery later. More than 90% of the swelling was gone by the seventh day, and I had no trouble resuming my normal social activities. Now people who know me can’t stop looking. I look like myself, just 10 years younger!”

42 year old Fraxel re:pair client

"I want to thank you for the superlative care you have given me over the past 4 years. You concern is synonymous with distinctive professionals. Warmest regards to both you and Sandy."

A long term client.

“I had so much damage from baking in the sun as a teen, I kept looking in the mirror and pulling on my face and wishing I could snip off a section here and there. When I discussed it with my doctor he suggested that I would be a good candidate for the Fraxel re:pair laser. I absolutely love the results. It lifted things without making me look all tight and shiny like I’ve seen in people who had a face lift. I’ve been told I look 20 years younger. I think 20 may be too much, but I look at least 10 years younger. I also had Botox®, and I’ve referred a friend for the procedure, too. I’d tell anyone who was considering a face lift to try this first. Now when I look in the mirror, I no longer start pulling at my face and it makes me want to take better care of my skin.”

50 year old Fraxel re:pair client

"My lips are perfection. I LOVE them. Thank you!!"

Happy Lip Augmentation with Juvederm XC Client

“Great! The results are much better than I ever expected, and the recovery was painless.”

Fraxel re:pair client

"Since starting Ionithermie 1 month ago (7 treatments), I've gone from a size 10 to a size 6. I had tried personal trainers and dietary changes, but couldn't lose the weight until I started Ionithermie. I'm convinced that this is the reason for my weight reduction."

Ionithermie Client

"I wish you guys were in St. Louis. We love your office. We'll just have to make a special trip down for our next treatment."

Husband and wife who had Ulthera and dermal fillers.

"My husband says I look years younger. I'm very please with the results. No bruising, no pain, I feel like a new women."

Happy client after having Juvederm.

"I LOVE THIS LASER! After further observation, I think you gave me a new face! Skin looks and feels awesome! texture is incredible!!! Still a little red but AMAZING results!
Thank you very much!"

Fraxel Dual laser client and a former Aesthetic Laser sales rep (not Fraxel).

I felt horrible looking at myself in the mirror. It wasn't the person that I remember. I went to Dr. Weiner and I'm a changed women. I'm excited to look into the mirror. I can't wait to go out in public and out to dinner.

Her Husband:
Dr. Weiner, you've change my wife's and my life. She has a free pass to visit you whenever she wants. Thank You!

Radiesse Client

"I researched doctors in the area for 8 months on the internet before coming to you. I made the right decision. The red spot on my nose was unchanged after 2 procedures by another doctor, and you removed after one shot with the VBeam."

Happy Botox, VBeam, and Dermal Filler client

A recent letter from a patient that received Botox Injections for Migraines: Thank you both, Dr. Weiner and Sandy for the patience, understanding, and kindness you provided. I appreciate it as well as the level of care provided. I have not had a migraine or a headache since a few days after the injections and this is the first time I've been pain free since the end of August. You have no idea how happy I am with the level of relief you gave me and I feel like I can get my life back. I will definitely be back to see you in about 3 months.

Migraine sufferer

"That was easy. No pain medication, no pain."

Referring to the experience with Body-Jet Water Assisted Liposuction on the abdomen.

"I had a fraxel laser (re:store) treatment at another office and i wasn't happy. I have to say, your treatment was much more thorough. I'll definately be back."

Fraxel Dual Patient

"I've had (dermal) fillers from several doctors, and your technique is the least painful of all of them"

Dermal Filler Client

"Wow, you are very thorough with your evaluation for Botox (treatments). The last place I was at, they just put me in the chair and injected me."

Happy Botox Client

We were looking for something that would get us back on the right track. We were always in the gym and very active, but after Ivan Dennis and Katrina ( dealing with rebuilding our house ) we had gotten a little lax in our workout routine. We had looked into smart lipo but then saw the Zeltiq commercial on local TV.
The rest is history, we are very excited about our results. We would recommend this procedure to everyone, keeping in mind you still need to have an exercise routine.

Happy Zeltiq husband and wife.

"I can't thank Dr Weiner and his beautiful wife Sandy enough for what they done for me. I suffered from Acne in my teens and was left with terrible scars and brown spots all over my face. Sandy was great in explaining the procedures and putting me at ease . Dr Weiner used the Fraxel repair laser. The down time for me was a week. The only downside to the procedure was that my face was bright red for a couple of days, but it gradually got better and better by the day. My skin is smoother and is only slightly hyperpigmented due to my own fault. Because I was relocated last minute to Las Vegas by the military and did not use a strong enough sunscreen. But my main concern were the embarrasing scars. I usually hid behind makeup and my hair, but now I can look people in the face and not worry about people judging me and staring at my face. I love the results and can't wait until I can make make it back to Destin for Dr Weiner to do more touchups to complete this whole process that I started 2 years ago. The brown spots are not that noticeble and I'm using Obagi products, which has done wonders in only a week. Anyone with acne scars knows how tough it can be, but thanks to Dr Weiner I feel really good about appearance."

Happy Fraxel re:pair client

"The Master, The Guru"

Referring to Dr. Weiner's injecting skills with Botox and Dermal Fillers.

"I bet you're going to see my (younger) husband in here after people start commenting on how young his wife is looking."

Fraxel Dual Laser and Thermage CPT client.

"Quick and painless"

Xeomin client

"Very, very seldom do I look in the mirror and think "wow"! But between that peel (Vitalize) and the filler (Restylane) under my eyes, I look so vibrant and awake!!! Thank you, it's done wonders for my spirit!!! Just wanted to pat you all on the back!"


Dear Dr. Weiner,

I write to you to let you know how very pleased I am with the SkinMedica products that were recommended by your staff at the end of November. The TNS Essential Serum is one incredible product! I noticed improvement within days and that improvement continues. I am pretty fanatical about my skin and have used very expensive high end products but none come close to these products. I am sold! I was out the other day with no makeup, just eyes, and a complete stranger told me my skin looked wonderful. I smiled and said thanks SkinMedica!

Thank you to you and your wonderful staff!

Long time hyperpigmenation, acne scar, and enlarged pore client.

Ulthera was worth every penny. Before I had it done, I felt like I needed a facelift. A few months after Ulthera, I don't feel that way any more. As a surgical nurse, I was hesitant to risk general anesthesia , nerve damage, scarring and an artificial look for a facelift. I'm so glad I tried Ulthera first ! I didn't want to look 30, I just wanted to look great for my age. Now I do !

Ulthera Client Testimonial

Aesthetic Clinique, How do I love thee? From my crows feet to the jowls Because of Dysport, no one knows I frown! Jevederm & Restylane --- No more bags or lines for me! ** Truthfully, your kindness is genuine, I feel it the moment I walk in your office. There's such a positive energy that flows through your staff, such that can not be faked. That's why I drive an hour and a half one way, without hesitation. Plus, I look forward to the Monthly email specials, it allows me to splurge on myself without the guilt.** Smiles, tears, of all my life, you give my husband a young lookin' wife

Lydia M

Because every time I come in, I feel like I'm the only client. You all make me feel so important and special (even though I know I drive you guys crazy with my neuroses!) You're such a phenomenal team with unparalleled treatment, knowledge and kindness

Beverly B

I love Aesthetic Clinique because of the highly qualified staff who always takes the time to assess the whole person, and not just one issue or area. They make me feel like a pampered friend, not just an appointment.

Allie T

Not only is Dr Weiner incredible at what he does but he's always learning better ways to serve his clients with new techniques and products. I love seeing what's new in your industry and the fact that Dr Weiner keeps up with everything gives me great confidence in him and everyone at Asthetic Clinique! That and the fact that his wife has the best lips around!

Judy H

I could embellish on this, but it really amounts to one word - "honesty"'s refreshing and much appreciated.

Alicia B

I was leery of using Dysport--worried about a wonky eye or having to do it too often or of looking plastic. After two treatments, it is amazing the difference I see. The staff was extremely honest about what to expect, and the results have been fantastic. I can see lines fading and love the results!

Anna K

I have not been to your clinic but have been researching the best in the area & 'liked' your page to keep up with you & I love what I'm hearing! Everyone I have asked about you & your services have nothing but fabulous things to say!! That is good news for you & for me! I have definite frown lines on my forehead that really bother me & I have plans to come see you for consultation. It sounds like Dysport would be something that would help me. After reading abt you, I am very impressed w/ how you started your biz and how you love our beautiful Santa Rosa area. I have a feeling I will be stepping into a family-like environment when I do get to see you.

Pamela M

Integrity and honesty

Ginny J

Always made me feel comfortable, valued and important as a client

Marcela S

Very thorough and your whole staff is so helpful and sweet!

Kathryn K

Simply put..what's not to love? Best thing about aesthetic Clinique are the people !

Tricia N

Ulthera was worth every penny. Before I had it done, I felt like I needed a facelift. A few months after Ulthera, I don't feel that way any more. As a surgical nurse, I was hesitant to risk general anesthesia , nerve damage, scarring and an artificial look for a facelift. I'm so glad I tried Ulthera first ! I didn't want to look 30, I just wanted to look great for my age. Now I do !

Ulthera Client Testimonial

Sandy I could not be happier with my Ultherapy. Thank you. Within 2 weeks, I could see and feel that the sagging of my neck had begun to tighten and diminish. Today my neck is firmer and my jawline/lower face is also firmer, more well defined. Two days after treatment I got some discoloration/bruising along my jawline but it was not painful and went away within a week. The pain during the procedure was well worth it!! Because of your skilled use of Ultherapy - its the best turkey neck tightener around.

60 year old from out of town.

Everyone on your staff is fabulous and my experiences there are always wonderful. I always feel like I get all the information I'm looking for and I'm always excited about the results. Thank you!


I have been to several different doctors after moving from Santa Rosa Beach, however I have learned through experience that Dr. Weiner gives the best natural looking results. He i worth the drive!


Hands-down the best injector! He is the ONLY person I trust to touch my face. The staff is top notch- informative and friendly. Cannot say enough great things about Dr Weiner & The Aesthetic Clinique!


Everyone there is great. The staff is always pleasant and helpful. I have never had a bad experience there. Drive two hours to go to this office. Great doctor, nurse and staff.


Everyone there is great. The staff is always pleasant and helpful. I have never had a bad experience there. Drive two hours to go to this office. Great doctor, nurse and staff.


Staff is professional, knowledgeable & friendly.

Love everyone at the Aesthetic Clinique!


I would use my name but I like to keep my botox a secret. I just love Dr. w, and I have been to a lot of different places that do the king of things he does, skin tightening, lasers, botox, fillers- I have done it all accept the knife. The difference here is a couple of things, the doctor actually does the injecting, and he is a master so you won't look like a freak, 2 I have been through some serious pain at other places-really bad, Dr W makes it as comfortable as possible, night and day difference in the pain department. Also, another place I went to people at work thought my husband beat me up the bruising was so bad, I have NEVER had. A bruise at Dr. Ws. They use this ice wand and it's amazing. Lastly, he is a really sweet guy, unassuming, kind, and an expert in the procedures he does so that he travels to teach to others. You won't go wrong with this guy.


Although I arrived late, I was seen right away. Dr Weiner's assistant was VERY pleasant and professional. And then there is Dr Weiner - he's always pleasant and makes you feel you are in the best hands!


This is the 3rd week since the Infini treatment...and, thus far I am very happy with the immediate results of this treatment! The first week, although I was red and slightly swollen for 2 days and there was no bruising. My neck, eyes and nose had a visible difference in quality of texture...much smoother skin! And the pores on my nose were much smaller. As time has progressed, I have noticed the textural quality of my face has improved. So far I am very satisfied with the progress of this treatment. I do believe the measurement of the dermal layers from my forehead, eye area, lip area and neck made a huge difference with the 'comfort factor' of the procedure because II didn't experience ANY pain whatsoever.Plus, the topical was on for over an hour. The staff was very attentive, kind and very professional. I was given two items to distract me in the event I experienced any was nice to have the air wand and small massager just in case. The eye cream and moisturizer have also been a benefit enhancing the surface texture if the skin.I hope to repeat this procedure in the winter!


I am a very satisfied regular customer at the aesthetic Clinique. As always this experience was great. The staff are wonderful and made sure all of my questions were answered and that I was comfortable. Dr. Weiner injected Dysport for smile lines around my eyes and for the frown lines above my eyes. The procedure was painless and the lines are gone. He also injected Restylane to plump my lips. The pain was minimal and my lips look great. I also qualified for rebates on both the Dysportb and Restylane.


I am 60, my face was old and tired looking I also had scar tissue damage from a car accident my husband says I now look 10 years younger, most of my wrinkles and scars have disappeared and they totally disappeared from my forehead , this was after one treatment of infini .


I have tried many different sources for Botox both in South Florida as well as Destin. I can state unequivocally that Dr. Weiner has provided the best results and with a competitive price as well. He has also begun using filler at my request and I am pleased with the results. The staff is friendly and willing to answer questions no matter how trivial. There is almost no wait time either!


Always a GREAT experience ! Dr. Weiner and his Staff are always Friendly,Very Helpful and Professional ..


Very professional! They took their time to explain the products as well as my options for the procedures. I love the extra attention to minimizing any discomfort when administering the fillers. I felt very relaxed, not rushed. Also a Spa-like atmosphere. I've already sent a girlfriend your way, she was calling right after I told her what a great experience I had! I live in Lynn Haven and it's almost an hour drive for me. We have plenty of local options, but your service was WELL worth the drive. I'll definitely be back!


Dr Weiner and his staff have provided exceptional aesthetic care that I have not been able to find in Pensacola. Thank you for your skillful work and professionalism.


I was treated very professionally, the staff was very cordial and cheerful. y consultation was informative and offered me different options.


Always a great experience. Friendly caring staff!! Highly recommend!!


Dr Weiner and his staff are personable and professional. I look forward to my appointments and am always happy with my results


The staff is wonderful, knowledgeable, & thourough ! Dr. Wiener is always top knotch!! A great experience!!


Trust Janice and your whole group to tell me what I should do when I want improvement in certain area. Love your customer service and highly recommend your services to ALL ladies !!!!


Very up to date on cosmetic procedures which believe it or not is not always the case. But for me the best part was that I told them I was on a more limited budget than most of there clients (This is a big money' area, which I am not...I work for the big money people. lol) but what they did was explain to me options in my price range and they did not try to sell me on the latest and greatest. They let me know what was available and the options I had and what I could do to still take care of my skin and get the most 'bang for my buck'. My dysport injections were great and I am looking forward to get the Infini laser in near furture. Yay for me.


Aesthetic Clnque is a very professional and efficent medical office. Dr. Weiner and his staff are friendly and helpful people who make patients feel comfortable.


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