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LightSheer Duet



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"I was a little apprehensive about doing my bikini area without any topical anesthesia but during the procedure, I could hardly feel the laser.  It was very comfortable and fast."

Happy LightSheer Duet Client


Until now, hair removal of larger body areas has been considered too time-consuming by some and too painful by others. 

High Speed LightSheer – Reduces Treatment Times up to 75% & Significantly Improves Comfort

The NEW High Speed LightSheer with its dramatically increased spot size of 22mm x 35mm combined with innovative vacuum-assist technology offers you an exciting treatment option for hair removal. This is great news for both men and women, since backs and legs can now be treated comfortably in about 15-20 minutes, with no need for topical anesthetics or messy treatment gel. 

The High Speed LightSheer produces a larger beam of highly concentrated light. The light emitted is well absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicles (melanin). During the hair removal procedure, the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, allowing the hair to absorb the light and heat up. As the hair follicle heats up, the hair shaft and bulb are damaged. This significantly reduces the hair’s ability to re-grow, and results in permanent hair reduction over time. 

  • Dramatically increased treatment spot size for faster coverage
  • Vacuum-assist technology significantly improves treatment comfort
  • No topical anesthetic is required, which eliminates lengthy preparation
  • No treatment gel is used either, saving additional time
  • High Speed LightSheer reduces treatment times up to 75%


How does the Alma Soprano XL compare to the LightSheer Duet?

The Soprano uses low laser power (which has questionable effectiveness) while the operator is constantly moving the handpiece over the skin.  Complete coverage is hard to obtain as well.  The Soprano XL technology is 3 years old vs the Lightsheer Duet, less than one year.  The LightSheer Laser (prior to the addition of the Duet technology)has been the gold standard for Laser Hair Removal since 1998.  The Duet is a quantum leap forward in terms of comfort and speed while maintaining the great results that LightSheer has produce for over 12 years.


How can I tell if I’m a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

The best candidates are people with fair complexions, and dark coarse hair. Gray and blond hair cannot be removed with any laser. Darker skin clients have to be treated with lower settings, which usually means more treatments. Ultimately, the results will be the same most likely as lighter skin clients. Recently tanned skin (even sunless tanners) cannot be treated because the skin will over react to the laser heat.


How many treatments are needed?

At any period of time, only about 60% of the hairs are in the particular growth phrase that is susceptible to the laser. Therefore, 4-6 treatments with 3-8 week intervals are needed. Shorter intervals are for the lips, ears, nose, neck and bikini area. The back, chest and legs need about 6-8 weeks between treatments. More treatments than 6 might be needed, especially in the facial area. 


What should my expectations be regarding amount of hair loss?

One can expect permanent hair reduction but not complete permanent hair removal. NO type of laser or IPL hair removal can removed 100% of the hair. The goal should be between 80% and 95% hair loss. Sometimes the hair is shocked into a prolonged dormant phase and starts to re-grow months later.


What should I do and expect after a treatment?

Immediately after the procedure, the hair follicle that has been terminally affected will gradually purge over the next 2 weeks to one month. One can expect some very mild redness that shouldn’t lead to any changes to one’s normal activities, including shaving. The one exception is to limit overheating the skin until it returns to its normal state. Typically the post procedure management includes:

  • Strict sun avoidance
  • Application of micronized zinc or similar high SPF sunscreen
  • Skin products recommended by the physician and aesthetician
  • Cold pack applications for the first several hours if the skin is red


Who is legally allowed to perform Laser hair removal?

According to the Florida Board of Medicine: "With respect to laser hair removal, the Board of Medicine has previously stated that a Physician, an Osteopathic Physician, a Physician Assistant under the supervision of a physician, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner under protocols with a physician, or an Electrologist working under the direct supervision and responsibility of a Physician is required. "  At The Aesthetic Clinique, you will always have Dr. Weiner perform all laser. 

Florida Board of Medicine Opinion on Laser Providers

Florida Quality Assurance Meeting Transcript Regarding Lasers

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